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Do you do repairs?
Yes. We repair all items made from precious metals. We can try our best with other items but items made from copper or base metal are sometimes unrepairable beyond our control or expertise. We treat every item as if it were our own and lock them away safely each night. Before starting any repair, we will try and notify you of any risks or worries we may have about the job as this isn’t always obvious on first look, so we will contact you if we come across anything which we didn’t catch at first glance.

Do you replace stones?
We will try best to replace any lost stones in your items matched to quality and shape. If we are unable to replace the stone to match, we will help you find a suitable replacement.

What is rhodium plating?
Rhodium plating is a simple process usually applied to white gold to mask the slightly yellow tones of its pure form. When an item of jewellery is rhodium plated, whether it be gold or silver, it purely enhances the look of item, this plating does eventually fade and the natural colour of the metal will appear.

Why isn’t my item hallmarked?
Hallmarking on silver is a legal obligation from the trader to guarantee the quality of any item over the weight of 8 grams. Under the weight of 8 grams is not required to be hallmarked unless specifically asked for by the consumer.

What is a hallmark?
A hallmark is a stamp applied to precious metals to guarantee its quality. It is also an indication of origin and place of production. Hallmarks can sometimes also date an item.

What metal should I choose for my item?
Metal for a product is completely up to the customer, however we as manufacturers will always lend our opinion of the choices you make if we feel it isn’t going to produce an item of durability. I.e diamonds can be set into silver however this isn’t a process we recommend due to the softer nature of the metal. Feel free to ask our advice on this if you need further clarification.

Can you use my own gold / make my item into something else?
This is a complex process but ultimately yes. In the case of making something new using your own gold or specific item we do ask you come and see us face to face so we can discuss all aspects of this process. If coming to see us isn’t an option, a phone call conversation is a must and all posting of items must be recorded.

How long will it take?
All items will lend themselves to different production times, the same applies to repairs. We can only assure you we are working as fast as possible to finish your items. During busy periods of time, however, namely the run up to public holidays, timing of completion may take a while longer.

Do you do engraving?
We do not at this moment in time do engraving on site, however we are able to have this done for you or point you in the right direction to someone we recommend tailored to your needs.

I can’t see anything I’m after, can you help?
We make a lot of different items and yours should be no exception, all we ask is that you have an idea or a starting point. This can be anything from an idea you can visually put on paper or aspects from things you may have seen elsewhere.

Do you do giftware?
No. We are a jewellery shop. The closest item of giftware you will find with us is silver key rings. All other giftware items such as spoons, photo frames, tankards etc are found in silver giftware shops also located elsewhere in the Jewellery Quarter.